Graduate School for Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences

The Graduate School for Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences was established in 2007 within the framework of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. It aims to integrate medicine, computer science and life sciences through structured international doctoral education rooted in a strong research foundation.


Tue 17.11.2014 - Neuro-cognitive colloquium merged with the CBBM colloquium

Invited by Silke Anders, Dr. Tom Fritz (MPI for Cognitive Neuroscience Leipzig) will present a talk about The clinical application of musical euphoria   This will take place at 5 p.m. in...

Neuro-Cognitive Colloquium: Tuesday, November 11

Tomorrow, November 11, we will have a guest from Kiel in our colloquium:  Prof. Gesa Hartwigsen (University of Kiel, Inst. of Psychology): Neuromodulation of language functions by...

Oberseminarvortrag am 11.11.2014

im Rahmen des gemeinsamen Oberseminars „Mathematics in Image Computing and Simulation“ möchten das Institut für Mathematik und das Institut für Medizintechnik Sie gerne zu dem   Vortrag...