1st Baltic Autum School

Applied Computational Neuroscience: Sleep, Neuroengineering and Dynamics.

20 - 24 September 2010, Universität zu Lübeck

OUT NOW: Special issue in the Journal Cognitive Neurodynamics (Springer): "Sleep, Neuroengineering and Dynamics"! Please click here to view.

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In current neuroscience research and neurological treatment, experimental studies, computational neuroscience and neuroengineering are closely interwoven. Our research-oriented autumn school focuses on interventions both on the microscale and on the macroscale, and on their theoretical modeling as dynamical systems: with application areas neuroprosthetics and brain-computer interfaces, sleep and anaesthesia modeling, and brain stimulation during sleep with their implications on neural plasticity and memory consolidation.

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Scientific Programme

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Invited Speakers

Jan Born (Lübeck)

EEG oscillations orchestrating memory processing during sleep

Stephen Coombes (Nottingham)

Mathematical Neuroscience: from neurons to networks

Erik De Schutter (Okinawa)

Stochastic signal pathway modeling of synaptic plasticity induction - reaction-diffusion models
A systems biology approach towards analyzing dendritic branching + corresponding growth models

Gaute Einevoll (Ås)

What can we learn about neural activity from extracellular potentials recorded in the brain?
Modeling the thalamocortical system of mammals

Hartmut Gehring (Lübeck)

Anaesthesia and brain - neurophysiological monitoring

Axel Hutt (Nancy)

Modeling anaesthesia: from anaesthetic action in synaptic receptors to the macroscopic EEG
Introduction to neural population models - derivation from single neuron properties

Winnie Jensen (Aalborg)

Current challenges in invasive BCI - decoding of intracortial signals from the motor cortex

Ranu Jung (Arizona)

Biological pattern generators for design of oscillatory motor control systems

Lisa Marshall (Lübeck)

Boosting slow oscillations during sleep potentiates memory

Eckehard Olbrich (Leipzig)

Sleep oscillations and the complex dynamics of the sleeping brain - insights from the time series analysis of the human sleep EEG

Maria Sanchez-Vives (Barcelona)

Network mechanisms generating slow and fast cortical rhythms

Alistair Steyn-Ross (Waikato, NZ)

Onset of excitability in single neurons and in neural populations
Modelling and measurement for propofol anaesthesia

Moira Steyn-Ross (Waikato, NZ)

Mean-field modelling of the cortex: applications to phase transitions
Interacting Hopf and Turing instabilities in the cortex: resting states and seizure


Lübeck, close to the baltic sea and surrounded by rivers and waterways, is an attractive world heritage city with a small vibrant university at the interface of medicine and computing. The workshop will be held in an attractive downtown location, the roof lounge of the newly opened Hotel Atlantic, providing a breathtaking view on the city's Old Town and intimately close to touristic attractions and streetlife.


Accommodation is the responsibility of the participants.
For your convenience we have reserved a contingent of double rooms at special rates at Hotel Atlantic (conference site) and
at Hotel zur Alten Stadtmauer (10 min. by foot), which will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Application, fees and dates

Our school welcomes application of PhD students and early postdoctoral researchers.
For application, please submit a title and abstract of your research topic. We highly recommend your poster contributions.
Opportunity for poster presentation will be given at an extra poster session.


Deadline for application: 21st July 2010 extended: 30th July 2010

Notification of acceptance: 5th August 2010 (Please notice: an abstract of research is required for notification.)

Registration fee: 250 € (Payment due by 15th August. Leftover slots will be filled according to waiting list.)

Social Programme

Monday, 20 September (evening)

Glad to have you here: welcome to Lübeck

  • welcome reception at Lübeck Town Hall

Tuesday, 21 September (midday break)

Sites and sides of a modern Hanseatic City

  • boat trip around Lübeck's picturesque old town
  • alternatively: get to know some of the city's most attractive sites in a guided city walk

Wednesday, 22 September (afternoon)

Trip to the Baltic Sea

  • boat trip to seaside resort Travemünde
  • climbing adventure at high ropes course
  • alternatively: discover Travemünde in a guided city walk, enjoy the maritime flair and beach

Thursday, 23 September (midday break)

Medieval buildings - new perspectives

  • no ordinary church visit: guided vault excursion at the gothic brick cathedral St. Mary's Church (Gewölbeführung)
  • alternatively: visit at the world famous Holstentor

Thursday, 23 September (evening)

Conference Dinner

  • we invite you to enjoy the hearty food and cozy atmosphere in the historic vaulted cellar "Kartoffelkeller"
  • final: city walk through alleys and courtyards with nightwatchman



Jens Christian Claussen

Ulrich Hofmann      

Katja Dau (GS- CMLS Events)