Studying the role of argonaute proteins in human cells

The research project will investigate the molecular and functional
properties of human Argonaute (Ago) proteins. Ago proteins play an
essential but so far unclarified role in the biology of cells and are
implicated in the development of cancer. As such they may offer the
development of novel diagnostic tools. The project is part of an
initiative aiming at the elucidation of the biological function of Ago
proteins and it requires several molecular biology-based technique as
well as NMR spectroscopy.

People in this Project

Maria Rosaria Innarella, M.Pharm.Computing in Structural and Cell Biology
Sven Müller-Leonnies, PD Dr. rer. nat.Investigator
Georg Sczakiel, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.Investigator


No publications so far.