Advisory Service 

The way to a doctorate is a serious challenge in the life of young researchers. It can be filled with achievements and encouraging results and come along with many daunting tasks at the same time. The writing of a dissertation at the end of the doctoral study - often considered to be the most important milestone - is only the last step on the ladder to your graduation that has to be well prepared.

But what lies inbetween the optimistic and enthusiastic start into a new scientific project and the doctor's degree?

There is no general answer to this question as this depends on a variety of factors. Some of them are personality traits, the working environment, the quality of supervision or simply the choice - may it be a good or a bad one- of your project.

So- if you get along well: we are happy! Whenever there are problems showing up - worst idea is to ignore them and continue as before. We offer to support you in finding ways to prevent crises, e.g. caused by procrastination, exaggerated self-doubts or the unability to adapt to a new environment.


Career Opportunities

The GS Career Service Office offers assistance to doctoral students of Universität zu Lübeck by preparing them for academic and non-academic careers. Through individual counseling, workshops held by professional trainers and guest speakers, the office provides extensive information about career opportunities and instruction in the process of self-assessment, career exploration, and the job search.

  • Transferable Skills
  • Job and Career

Doctoral students with children

The University provides help and advice for parents who work or study at University of Lübeck. You will find the collected offers on the website of the equal opportunity office.