Students with a master's degree (or its equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, engineering or physics are invited to apply for admission. GS-CMLS also offers a fast track programme. Students with an excellent bachelor's degree in the above-mentioned disciplines are eligible to apply. Besides, medicine graduates with a Dr. med. degree are eligible to apply for the med track programme. Applications are accepted throughout the whole year.

The application should be sent in a single PDF file via Email to management[at] with the subject "Application / First Name/ Last Name" and must include the following documents:

  • CV

  • letter of motivation (stating which research field you are interested in)

  • master degree certificate and transcript (certified translation in English, unless the original is in English or German)

  • bachelor degree certificate and transcript (same as above)         

  • two reference letters from your supervisors or employers                                                                                                                                       

GS-CMLS reserves the right to request further supporting documents as it considers necessary.

Your will be contacted in due time regarding the decision of your application. Based on the application, a small number of candidates will be invited for an interview. The interview begins with a short presentation of the applicant’s master thesis (possibly replaced by a presentation of research work done during prior education or industry employment), followed by a discussion in which the student describes her/his motivation for entering the PhD programme and possible areas of interest.

Successful applicants will be entitled to a monthly scholarship of 1250 EUR for 3 years, with an additional child allowance of 400 EUR for one child, 100 EUR for each more child.