Doctoral Examination for thesis submission and defense: Please contact Ms. Susanne Markmann for current regulations & further information  phone: +49 451 500 3005 | mint-buero(at) | Location of MINT Office: Building 64, Ground Floor, Room 101.

PLEASE NOTE: before handing in your Dissertation, the MINT Office needs a paper from Gradschool Management, confirming your curriculum is fullfilled! Please contact us in time.



Supervision Agreement (german version)

Application for Curriculum revision

Meeting scheme guidelines

Guidelines on study records

Progress report word file (.pdf file)

Examination form word file (.pdf file)

Attendance form word file (.pdf file) 

Publication form word file (.pdf file)




Dear Doctoral Candidates, underneath you will find the estimation form - necessary for every travel, as well as fill-in-help forms for the german documents. To ensure you have the latest version of any form needed, please follow the link: Should you need any help, please contact the GS-CMLS Team. Please also keep in mind to hand in your travel application form 14 days before the travel date!


estimation of travel expenses word file (.pdf)

travel application form (fill-in help)

reimursement form (fill-in help)

airfare reimbursement appendix 1 (fill-in help)

airfare reimbursement appendix 2 (fill-in-help)

airfare reimbursement appendix 3 (fill-in-help)

advance payment form (fill-in-help)